Monday, 25 August 2014

BUKIT PUTUS CHALLENGE 2.0 21 August 2014

The goodie bag

It is the 1st jamboree after Hari Raya and lots of Muslim friends train very hard for this..those food lover had a hard time during this jamboree. Many complained not enough training for this 3.5/5 difficulty track.Official finish time 1:43:41Rank 29/101 (mens open)55/189 (Overall)First time joining Race teamThank you KHS and Lnl Bikes


I was actually signed up as a jamboree rider but last minute it was changed to race as it was more challenging. First time racing and it was a high chase in front of the pack.

A crash happen before we hit the offroad and I was at the side of the famous avanti rider Mohd Danny, well, a fast rider but bonk happen to everyone, or maybe he slow down too much until rider at the back hit him


And bitten by 5 bees during a downhill section is a scary thing too..I can see the bee stinging my arm..scary as I try to bite them back..

Well I always train for climbing and when energy run low, my legs just want to give up on high hills climb. I shall improve on this mental thing and after a long climb up the pylon, downhill was the reward for all riders. But for me, I wouldn't take risk to go down too fast..Control is the key and I managed to clear some dangerous water runway along the descending.

My new bike is still giving some problems as the chain became dry after a long ride and dirt on it started jamming the drive train..three times the chain gave a loud sound, like cracking "krack"..I have to stop to wind back the chain and have to be gentle to it as I pedal. The flat part after a lots of climb was very intense as riders at the back were trying to overtake. Must do something about this.

After finishing and waiting for the result we ate a bit and took photos with other riders, then I go and ask the sensor guy for the result kindly, he gave and I was glad to know that I got 29th in the Men open category. Other riders tried to ask him but he turned them away asking them to check online after a day or two. Good for me as I can go back proud of my placing for the race. :P


Here's another medal for the rack.