Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clean Face Brings Stronger Action

As a MTB rider, I always get mud on my face while riding in the jungle and jamborees. How do I maintain a clean skin on my face? I use Dashing of course. Dashing is Malaysia's No 1 Male grooming brand and it has partnered with Manchester City Football Club which also happen to be the fastest growing Premier League team. So now I have to put own my remote control, watch less football and wash more face!

This face wash comes in five different variants as pictured above.

Ice Fresh is my favourite one. It contains Ice Glacier Water and gives me instant freshness and skin hydration after using it. I feel cool and fresh longer and it really helps relieve some heat from today's crazy weather. We can tackle the dryness and kick it cool like David Silva.

Men don't need a lot of fuss with the packaging. This flip cap type is easy to use, flip up and squeeze out some.
There's also the Whitening Scrub which I use 2-3 times a week. This scrub is formulated with Sea Salt that can cleanse deeply and exfoliate to remove dead skinn cell, unclog pores and remove impurities and blackheads too. I need to get some flawless skin like Kevin De Bruyne.

I still get Acne at my age sometimes due to being not clean enough. So when there's acne, I use this one which is formulated with Zinc and Clay to fight acne causing bacteria. DSC02264
Extra White is another one in the range formulated with Swiss Alpine Plants. This one can give me lighter, brighter skin and even tones skin. This is great since I'm always out in the sun and my skin gets darker and darker!
Finally, I like this one too, Oil Clear which is different because it is black in colour. DSC02266
The black is due to the secret ingredient, Bamboo Charcoal that can remove dirt and excess oil. We need to have a strong defense against oily skin like midfied defender, Vincent Kompany.

Before being introduced to Dashing, I tend to never wash my face. Sometimes I just wash with water. Now I know how much difference a good facial cleanser can make. I love this brand now and think I'll be using it everyday faithfully for a long time.