Thursday, 4 June 2015

TWITTER Sutama MTB Jamboree 2015

Check out the before race video and see if you can spot yourself in here.

This was a very hard with 800 racers flagged off by 8.15am and another 2000 Jamboree riders only flagged off after that. The whole trail was about 32 km with six hills to climb and the toughest hill was called Bukit Babi with three segments.

The trail started off with Elmina Palm Tree estate and then later to the pure virgin jungle single trail and ended with 1KM technical trail.  I had a fall while going downhill at Bukit Babi and my freshly healed wound tore again. It was very painful to continue but I managed to finish it below 100. My ranking was Junior Master 29 and overall 94.

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