Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cycling Malaysia Coming out

Each month, I will be excited on few things. 1. Salary? well I work on my own as a computer Technician/ Business owner. 2. Cycling Malaysia Magazine! Everytime I go to a bookstore, I will be hunting for this Magazine for the latest issue. Normally, I will visit outlets at Aeon Mahkota Cheras or Tesco Kajang. The best way to find out when it is out is by following Cycling Malaysia on Facebook  as they will post hints and previews about when the mag will be out. Most of the time, my rider friends will tag me and post it on my wall.

Why do I read this mag? Not so much for products but I am just excited to find myself in the mag! (Vain) Cycling Malaysia will write about all the latest race and jamborees and their photographers are always at these events taking our pics, so it will great joy if I find faces I recognise or even better, myself inside their reports haha.

Secondly, I also read it to catch up on latest bike gears and how to build up a bike with various components. Lastly, Cycling Malaysia also lists all the upcoming races and jamborees all over Malaysia so I can plan and decide which one to join. Best of all, the magazine has digital versions for iPads that one can subscribe and read at the same time contributing to lesser carbon footprint by buying the actual copies. I might actually just try that out myself.