Wednesday, 18 December 2013

PCC Specialized Presidential Ride 2014 Starting Point to CP2

Just last week, I joined the PPC Specialized Presidential Ride and it has got to be the toughest ride ever in my life.

If you are a rider, you might be interested in the trail and statistics that I recorded with my iPhone using the Endomondo and Strava App. This ride took me through four hills that are super crazy and at every loop there is a way out for those that can't take it anymore, called Chicken Loop. Well, I really didn't want to take the chicken loop so I totally pushed myself to finish and yes I managed to do it! Praise God. I managed to finish the ride 4 hours 37. This was also the longest ride for me that was why my head mounted camera went out of battery before the third hill. If you watch the nearly 2 hours video, only CP 1 and CP 2 were recorded.

One of my rider friends Raymond Hew said this after the ride:

Just completed my first hardcore PCC ride yesterday. I did it in 5 hours and 28 minutes including rest stops/queuing/traffic jams/bike carrying and the total ride time is 4 hours and 49 minutes. I got lucky and won a bicycle rack from the Lucky Draw. I still could not believe I managed to complete because I know it wasn't an easy ride at all. I fell off my bike at least 4 to 5 times with minor injuries before I reached the finishing line. Also thanks to Steve Chee for his new Merida carbon bike...Hahahahaha

On the way, I did see quite a number of people slip and fall, in fact I nearly did myself and scratched the back of my legs. Bleed a bit but it was ok. In the end I got No 46. I really salute one guy who is a unicyclist, finishing the ride with only one wheel. 

There were over 1500 participants but those that finished the race completely were about 300+ only. The next PCC ride is going to be 2 years from now. For those yet to join, maybe you can consider training from today onwards!